Monday, March 31, 2014

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Designedly Digital

Local painter accentuates work in electronic medium

Submitted by Mary Chalmers Main, Chilliwack


Mary Chalmers Main takes her talent from canvas to digital. Below, a painting called "Three Sopranos and a Tenor."


have recently learned of a new way to present art, called Photography Digital Art. Each picture is based on one of my original photographs, and then worked on with Photoshop, 'painted' as it were, into what you now see.


It is like working with light and colour, and I find it tremendously exciting! I am always ready to try something new, and this to me, is an extremely vibrant way to produce what I see as beautiful pieces of art. When I see a painting, or any pieces of visual art which to me is just right in colour, shape, or light, it 'sings' to me, just as certain pieces of music make me shiver! This art sings to me!

I paint because I must. It is not just a hobby, or not only a hobby, it is a necessity. I have always wanted to paint, and although it has really only been possible in the last five years, and it may be a little late in my life, I'm glad.

Art is much more open to different interpretations now, and there are many more substrates and mediums possible than there ever have been I think. I am jumping joyfully into many aspects of creating, and using materials I never would have thought of earlier.


I can also use many more ways of creating prints on many different surfaces, with the availability of cheaper printers etc. I am so happy with all this new found freedom, and I hope I can share my joy with all who see my art. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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