Friday, March 28, 2014

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Cultus Lake Changes Gears

Board trimmed to five, exclusive ballot among legislation tabled in Victoria

Released by the BC Gov't Caucus/Voice file photo


aurie Throness, MLA for Chilliwack-Hope, today announced that Coralee Oakes, the Minister for Community, Sport and Cultural Development, has introduced legislation to increase the accountability of Cultus Lake Park Board.


The changes will reduce the Board in size from seven to five Commissioners, and increase the number of Commissioners to be elected exclusively by the people of Cultus Lake from two to three.

'I'm so pleased that our Government has responded to the calls of residents and leaseholders of Cultus Lake to increase the accountability of the Board to the people it serves,' said Throness. 'Two years ago during the by-election in Chilliwack-Hope, I supported the desire of Cultus Lake residents to bring change, and last May I reiterated that commitment. Today our Government is delivering.'

The legislation responds directly to a 926-name petition from Cultus Lake which Throness tabled in the Legislature last summer. It called for a smaller board, and for all Commissioners to be elected by the people of Cultus Lake. Because of Chilliwack's remaining legal interest in the Park, Throness suggested that two Commissioners still be elected by the people of Chilliwack, which still means that majority control over a smaller Board will pass to the people of Cultus Lake.

A streamlined board will reduce costs at the Park, and accord with similar-sized communities like Harrison Hot Springs and the District of Kent. A majority of Commissioners elected by the people of Cultus Lake will help to ensure that their Board will do their will - a basic democratic principle.

'The bill will progress through the House in the normal way,' concluded Throness. 'With the BC Liberal Government's strong majority, it is quite likely to pass prior to the next municipal election.'



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