Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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Stream Global Services acquired by Convergys

Submitted by Joe Thornton, SGS


tream was just acquired by Convergys, making one of the largest customer management providers in the world. The close of the deal was announced late yesterday.


Here’s what’s important locally – this is good news. The combination of Stream and Convergys is about growth. The two companies complement one another in terms of geographic presence, services offered, and the clients we serve.

Very little changes locally in the near term. We will migrate from the Stream brand to the Convergys brand. Longer term, this is an opportunity for growth. Our people will continue serving the same great clients and we will continue to create career opportunities for hundreds of people here – and our Chilliwack leadership remains stable.

"This really is business as usual, particularly at the sites where the services are provided. Convergys is now a company with approximately $3 billion in revenue and the expected cost takeouts will be more in process improvements and other areas." said Joe Thornton, Senior Director of Brand Management at Stream Global Services, in an e-mail to the Voice on Tuesday.

But longer term, as part of a larger organization we have even more financial strength and growth opportunities, so we anticipate good things moving forward in the communities where we operate.

"It really is about growth at our service centers. Over time, we can offer a broader range of services and the company overall has a much broader and diversified client base. All of this is geared toward growth, which helps us create more job and career opportunities at sites like the one in Chilliwack," concluded Thornton.


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