Thursday, March 13, 2014

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Celebrating with Class

Chilliwack High School 50th reunion this September

Submitted by Vera (Prachnau) Iley


tís our 50th High School Reunion September 19-20, 2014 and we're looking for former classmates from 1964.


Please help us get the word out that we would like any member of our class, even if they left before graduating, to please contact us by email here.

Please respond to this email with the details (email, phone number and address) of classmates you find or have details for, and if a classmate does not have an email address please ensure you send us their phone number and address so that we can mail our event details to them.

Over the past four months the Reunion Committee of ten have worked diligently to locate all classmates, and since December we have emailed others we have located and they too have worked diligently to locate additional classmates. Now we are reaching out to additional classmates we have found through a Chilliwack Progress Ad, Telus Reverse Lookup, and most often, we heard it through the grapevine :o)

Attached above is a list of the names of classmates we still have to locate. If you know of any sister, brother, parent, niece, nephew or friend who may know whereabouts of any classmates on the attached list give them a call and help us toward completing our classmates list (see below). The gap is closing with a large many found over the past month.

Is your name on the list? See below.


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