Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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New Base for Foundation

CDFP docs takes over Healthy Kids Initiative

Released by John Jansen, Chilliwack Hospital Health Care Foundation/Voice file photo


John Jansen, president of CEPCO (L) and Dr. Ralph Jones, director of Chilliwack Division of Family Practitioners, announce a new high-tech examining table at Chilliwack General Hospital in January 2013.


he Chilliwack Hospital and Health Care Foundation (CHHCF) was established with the primary goal of improving the health of residents from Chilliwack to Boston Bar. Recently the CHHCF hosted a strategic planning session to refine its focus and determine how to best direct efforts as we move into 2014.


Since our inception in 2009, the CHHCF has listened to the community we serve and have worked with a wide variety of partners to inspire, engage and educate residents from Chilliwack to Boston Bar. By working with amazing community partners, we have made great strides forward with our health promotion work.

At the recent strategic planning session, the CHHCF reconfirmed that Chilliwack General Hospital is a vital part of our community, and must remain the primary mandate of the CHHCF. A natural outcome of this decision was to restructure the CHHCF's focus on fundraising to provide increased support of our hospital.

As part of this refocus, the CHHCF took a closer look at our Healthy Kids Initiative. We are thrilled with all the good work we have been able to accomplish with our community partners around the Healthy Kids Initiative. Our partners have embraced the Live 5-2-1-0 message, and have taken the lead in health promotion events and projects around the community.

In order to continue the Healthy Kids Initiative, the CHHCF has made arrangements to transition this important program to a strong partner in the community. The CHHCF is pleased to announce the Chilliwack Division of Family Practice, which represents physicians in Chilliwack, Agassiz-Harrison, Seabird Island, and Hope, will be assuming leadership over many community health promotion projects, including the Healthy Kids Initiative. Their strong leadership will ensure that these programs have the very best opportunity to continue to thrive in our community.

“We are pleased that the Chilliwack Division of Family Practice will take the lead on the Healthy Kids Initiative programs and we are excited to see this program continue to thrive in the community under their leadership,” said CHHCF. “The Foundation looks forward to remaining a strong and founding partner as we work forward with the Division and all of our community partners in 2014.”

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