Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Cyclist walks away with minor injury 

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A man on a bicycle is attended to by emergency crews after being hit by a car Friday.


onditions were ripe for a bicycle accident; dark, rainy, and a cyclist with no lights.


Such was the case Friday around 9:30 p.m. when a man on a bicycle connected with a moving vehicle on First Ave.


It could have been much worse, but luckily, the man who didn't appear to be wearing a helmet, wasn't seriously hurt other than a bump on the leg. It's unclear if alcohol was a factor.


The driver remained at the scene, and while Chilliwack RCMP pieced the accident together,  first responders and BCAS paramedics made a quick assessment of the man's leg. He later declined any further assistance.


Riding at night can be hazardous to your health. To be on the safe side, make sure your bicycle has reflectors and lights and using a safety vest helps drivers see you.




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Please ride safely.