Monday, March 10, 2014

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City Hall announces new Trans Canada signage

Released by Jamie Leggatt, City of Chilliwack


he City of Chilliwack is pleased to announce the development of new highway entry signs that will welcome residents and travelers along Highway 1 to Chilliwack.


During this year’s Objectives and Measures Session, Chilliwack City Council discussed a new objective to “Portray a Visually Appealing Image”.


An entry sign can help brand a community and present a professional welcoming impression to potential investors.

After reviewing a number of different designs, it was determined that presenting inferior signage was not desirable as it would reflect poorly on our community.


The old “Phone the Mayor” signs were outdated and fell short of current standards. An improved option for entry signage was brought forward at the March 4, 2014 Council meeting and a contract was awarded to the lead proponent, Knight Signs.

“It is rare that a city, especially the size of Chilliwack, does not have entry signs welcoming people to the community,” said Mayor Sharon Gaetz. “These four signs will present a professional image to visitors and investors, increase community pride and beautify the highway.”

The cost of $189,891.78 before tax includes the design and construction of four signs, which will be installed in the spring of 2014. The project will also include lighting and landscaping improvements at the Yale Road overpass.

An evaluation committee ranked the RFP submittals based on information contained within the respective proposals and a technical evaluation was completed and documented prior to opening the financial proposals.

“We are pleased to move forward with our goal of portraying a visually appealing image and believe these signs will communicate that the City of Chilliwack is a professional and welcoming community,” said Mayor Gaetz.


Editor's Note: It's unclear which design the City is going with and the computer-generated images above were taken from the latest agenda package available at



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