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The Devil in the Details

Chilliwack Bantam hockey team wraps up stellar year

Released by Michael Berger, Chilliwack/Rod Steenland photos


Chilliwack Bantam C2 Devils capitalize on season.


nbelievable. Amazing. Unreal. Dominating. Unstoppable. Incredible. All words that would describe the 2013-14 season for the Chilliwack Bantam C2 Devils.


The Devils reeled off a season for the ages, going 54-6-1 in regular season, playoff and tournament play this year. Along with their winning record, they finished first in the regular season and the playoffs in the Fraser Valley East pool, they won the Chilliwack tournament, won the Hope tournament, and finished second in the Salmon Arm tournament when their opponents scored with just 1:30 left in the game. The team won 13-0 laughers, 2-1 squeakers, and 8-6 run & gunners.


The Devils could play any way the other team wanted to play—fast, hard, chippy, clean, slow—it’s didn’t matter, as they usually came out on top.

What made the difference? A team that gelled right from their first game. A group of young men that respected their coaches, their opponents, and each other. A unit that worked together and worked hard the whole year. A squad that played the game hard, played the game (mostly) clean, and played the game the right way. A lineup that was able to insert players in different positions, on different lines, or with affiliate players and not miss a beat.


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Let’s take a closer look at the lineup and see how they did it.

#1 Sam Kingma G
56 GP, 49-5-2, 12 Shutouts, 1.89 GAA
Known for:
Making the first save
Being run over by opponents
Shutting the door after giving up a bad goal

#2 David Berger, D
60 GP, 8 G 31 A 39 Pts, 18 PIM
Known for:
Willingness to play any position (including Linesman and Goalie)
Ability to take on players 10 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier
Rushes up the ice and making tape-to-tape passes

#3 Colton Goldthorp, LW
64 GP, 72 G 46 A 118 Pts, 36 PIM
Known for:
Incredible stick handling through, around, within, backwards, forwards, all over the other team
Scoring important goals
Being completely exhausted after every shift

#4 Owen Phillips, D
10 GP, 0 G 2 A 2 Pts, 6 PIM
Known for:
Hard-nosed defense

#5 Chase Lambert, C
61 GP, 19 G 32 A 51 Pts, 40 PIM
Known for:
Being a first-year “import” from Quebec
Learning to play in the “rougher” West
Getting knocked down and getting up again, every time

#6 Matt Hepting, RW
52 GP, 14 G 15 A 29 Pts, 86 PIM
Known for:
Being the “muscle" on the team
Backing up his teammates
A deadly accurate wrist shot

#8 Riley Egan, C
64 GP, 62 G 61 A 123 Pts, 4 PIM
Known for:
Consistent point production all year long
Almost never visiting the penalty box
Great passing with his line mates

# 10 Seong Ho “Max” Shin, RW
52 GP, 14 G 19 A 33 Pts, 2 PIM
Known for:
Scoring his first ever goal (followed by 13 more)
Hard work along the boards
Fast skating down the wing

#11 Jeramy van der Hoeven, LW
60 GP, 30 G 34 A 64 Pts, 127 PIM
Known for:
Carrying the puck while he flew down the wing
Hard nosed play that treaded the line
Reining in his hard nosed play when he had too

#12 Savraj Kang, RW
63 GP, 17 G 28 A 45 Pts, 2 PIM
Known for:
Continuously improving
Quick passes to line mates
Playing a clean and simple game

#13 Carson James, C
64 GP, 39 G 37 A 76 Pts, 96 PIM
Known for:
Having no fear
Speed….pure speed
Playing hard up to and through the whistle

#14 Brody van Velze, D
53 GP, 64 G 43 A 107 Pts, 72 PIM
Known for:
Outstanding sportsmanship
Taking over a game when needed
Deadly slapshots

#16 Jason Clermont, LW
63 GP, 27 G 24 A 51 Pts, 18 PIM
Known for:
Sticking up for his team mates
Deadly accurate shot in close
Willingness to play on any line

#17 Steven Landriault, D
59 GP, 1 G 21 A 22 Pts, 16 PIM
Known for:
His first goal in 3 years!
Unusual skating style that got the job done
Stifling defense

#18 Brendan Hampton, D
61 GP, 14 G 31 A 45 Pts, 36 PIM
Bringing offense from the defense position
Swashbuckling rushes up the ice
Ability to get back into the play


As well, the team was supplemented by some Peewee affiliate players who contributed to the team’s success.

#1 Magnus Johnson, G
1 GP, 0-1-0

#1 Jewan Hassko, G
1 GP, 1-0-0

#1 Keegan Haan, G
6 GP, 6-0-0, 1 SO
Won Chilliwack Tournament

#7 Aiden Harte, W
5 GP, 2 G 2 A 4 Pts, 0 PIM
Won Chilliwack tournament

# 7 Puneet Sukhija, W
3 GP, 0 G 1 A 1 Pts, 0 PIM

# 9 Jacob Temple, W
2 GP, 1 G 0 A 1 Pts, 0 PIM

# 9 Kobe Bonato, W
14 GP, 5 G 6 A 11 Pts, 0 PIM
Won Chilliwack tournament

Coaches: Rudy Steensland, Derek Egan, Cory Silbernagel
Manager: Cheryl Kingma

The team’s 2013-14 record:

• Regular Season 27-3-0 186 GF, 51 GA 1st place overall
• Fraser Valley East playoffs 8-1-1 48 GF, 24 GA 1st place overall
• Chilliwack Tournament 6-0-0 43 GF, 19 GA Won tournament
• Hope Tournament 5-0-0 49 GF, 10 GA Won tournament
• Salmon Arm Tournament 4-1-0 31 GF, 13 GA 2nd place in tournament
• Donaldson Cup 4-1-0 20 GF, 9 GA Won Cup

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