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Will Canada's Veterans


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Conservative Party's broken promises to military and RCMP veterans


An open letter to Andrew James Scheer PC MP, Regina riding







n the 2005 Federal election campaign Mr. Harper, MP stated: ((Hansard 2005) "When a motion passes the democratic elected majority of the House of Commons, The Government shall Honour that motion!" Once elected he broke his election promise and refused to move forward the successful vote of Bill C-201.

1. Hon. Scheer; The Committee has written many letters to you requesting you support our CPP pension claw back issue. Regretfully; as the new Conservative Leader you refuse to reply to our Military/RCMP veterans pension concerns.


2. Hon. Raitt; Military/RCMP veterans are very disappointed that you choose not to reply to our committee letters requesting that you review our Military/RCMP veterans CPP pension claw back issue.

3. Our request to end the CPP pension claw back can be implemented at no cost to the tax payers. A former Commissioner with the Canadian Pension and Appeal Board has identified that a simple white paper can amend the Pension Act and its policies.

Shameful Acts to Military/RCMP veterans benefits!

* The fact is that the Government of Canada has breached our enrolment contract without prior member consultation or authorization. During our enrolment contract we were promised that we would benefit of a full pension calculated at 2% of our best 6 years for a period of 25 years of service.

* The CPP plan was established to provide another source for an " Income Security " program to supplement the Old Age Security plan and not to claw back Forces Pensions.

* It is a fact that veterans have over contributed in their Annuity Plan generating more than $80 billion surplus.

* It is a fact that veterans have over contributed in the Employment Insurance plan throughout their career but cannot draw any benefits.

* It is also a fact that veterans have over contributed in the CPP plan. At age 65, when they draw their benefits, their CPP benefits are clawed back from their Forces Pension.

* It is also a fact that the contribution to the CPP plan continues to be listed separately on their pay guide.

* There is no Bridge Benefits. At age 60 if a veterans applies for their CPP, they are penalized .6% per month for a 36 % life time penalty.

In Conclusion:
Hon A. Scheer; Military/RCMP veterans have serve their country with honour and dignity with many isolated difficult deployments. Our military spouses make many operational moves which results in the loss of higher spousal CPP benefits.


The responsibility may soon be yours. Hon. A. Scheer; If you are elected Prime Minister of Canada will you take action to correct the Military/RCMP veterans CPP pension claw back in the first year of your mandate?

Let us remind you that a federal election is coming soon and Military/RCMP veterans and their families consist of over 10% of the Canadian population. A white paper letter can resolve this situation at no cost to the tax payers. Hon. A. Scheer are you prepared to stand up for veterans and their families to include their CPP pension claw back on your election platform?



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