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War veterans and RCMP unhappy with the NDP annuity clawback





r. Jagmeet Singh, MP Burnaby South, as the new Leader of the NDP party you are regarded as a major failure by many voters. You chose not to compete for a seat in the House of Commons for over 3 years of your mandate.

You appointed Mrs. Irene Mathyssen, MP as the NDP Veterans Affairs Critic. She failed to introduce to the House of Commons a replacement for our Veterans Bill C-201. Her lack of support towards this most important Military/RCMP Veterans Families CPP Pension claw back issue is unacceptable.

Veterans remember the words of former leader Jack Layton; 

"I want you to know that my caucus team stands united with Peter Stoffer on his efforts to correct this injustice on behalf of our Veterans for the successful passage of Bill C-201 to end the claw back from pensions of our Military/RCMP Veterans at age 65."

Mr. Tom Mulclair as the NDP Leader that replaced Mr. Jack Layton, you were responsible for losing the forward movement that Mr. Layton left you. You signed our CPP Benefit Reduction form, then you failed to introduce it on the NDP election campaign platform.

The Government of Canada has breached our Forces enrolment pension contract and the NDP silently stood by while 54 former officers of the rank of general and 121 former colonels have signed our petition in support of terminating the unjust/unfair CPP pension claw back. We have also received the support of over 112,500 Military/RCMP Veterans with the support of the Legion Dominion Command President and numerous Military/RCMP Veterans Associations.

It is a known fact that once the Maritime lost the Leadership of Jack Layton, Peter Stoffer and Megan Leslie the NDP lost its ways.

In conclusion, you should be aware that Forces Personnel often served on numerous 16 hour days, far abroad in deplorable conditions with elevated levels of stress. Force's spouses and families often face extended separation with extended levels of stress. Forces personnel are prepared to give the ultimate sacrifice for the security of Canada.

In retirement politicians of the government of Canada find every possible tactic to cut veterans hard-earned and paid for benefits. When will Canada acknowledge the high level of voluntary support that our spouses perform on a regular basis. These numerous difficult operational moves resulted in the loss of our spouses income opportunity with the lost of higher CPP benefits.

Military/RCMP veterans and their families consist of over 10 per cent of the Canadian population. The NDP should not look for many votes in the next Federal Election Campaign.







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