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West Coast Ride to Live raise $150k in support of prostrate cancer

The 2019 Ride to Live raised $150,000.







here's something about the low rumble of Harley's in the morning that gets the blood flowing. It's an impressive sight to see 250 bikes backed into the curb.

Hundreds of riders left Trev Deely in Vancouver and Mountainview Harley Davidson in Chilliwack last Saturday in the annual Ride to Live to fund prostate cancer research, education and support in British Columbia.

The lead riders start the run.


It was the perfect day for a poker run through the Fraser Valley. Riders had stops along the way where they were handed a poker card in order to form a hand that could win them prizes.

"Our Ride to Live was a big success," Operations Manager Elisia Olsen told the Voice. "We raised $132,000 and over 10 years $1.6 million had a total of over 500 motorcycles attend the event and ride in Vancouver and Chilliwack."


Prostrate cancer is a deadly roulette that kills 25,000 Canadian men yearly. It's the number one cancer for men. The odds of getting prostrate cancer in their lifetime are a stark 1-in-8. Women have a 1-in-10 risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Approximately 90% of men's lives could be saved if this cancer is detected early enough.


Roy Hafeli has been emcee at the Ride to Live for a few years now.

For more information about prostate cancer visit:





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