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Could ten thousand signatories be wrong?

The 2019 Ride to Live raised $150,000.






A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the effort to have a medal created by the federal  gov't to honour, acknowledge and recognize service by our Veterans and Troops.


am a Canadian that no longer believes that the heritage of our nation is based on integrity and honour by the governments that have been at the helm of this nation for over 150 years.

We as a nation, as I understand it, is that as Canadians in 2019, we still have the right to speak without fear, to freely worship as we want, to believe that we are still a democracy.

Yet disturbingly when the voice of the people is by means of approved petitions to the government is ignored by the elected governments . . . the voice of tens of thousands of Canadian signatories asking for change is rejected again and again and again by the governments chosen to govern our country, as Canadians, we are also free to believe that democracy is dead and the governance of our nation by those elected to hear the voice of the people and to appropriately represent the people has become a joke."

"If those elected to serve, to hear and to respond satisfactorily and fittingly to the voice of the people, these governments chose rather to ignore and reject the people and their petitions, then we the people have the right to believe that two political parities that have had scores and decades to prove to the people that they are the only two parties qualified to govern are no longer in vogue with we the people. Politicians, governance is not all about you, it is about we the people, those who have elected you to serve we the people. 

I am a Canadian that no longer believes that the system of honourable and integral petitioning of our government works, because rather than honour the pleas and voices of the people, the governments choose to ignore those that elected them and do what they want.

Sadly, this has become our heritage. Not a nation based on integrity and honour by the governments that have been in power, but a nation that once elected, politicians ignore the voters and do what they want . . . even if it goes against the voice of we the people. Is this true and honourable democracy?" 

Our goal is to reach 1000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here.

God Bless our Veterans and our Troops and their families, God Bless Canada.




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