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Chilliwack Fire Department firefighters worked through a stubborn blaze around 8 am Sunday at Banners Restaurant. Below, the iconic Yale Rd. sign falls in a shroud of flames.








s vintage cars filed in to the Village Classic car show, Chilliwack Fire Department (CFD) were dispatched to Banners Restaurant in the 45000-block of Yale Road at approximately 8 am after reports that black smoke was seen coming out of the building.

"When firefighters arrived, they found the single-storey restaurant fully-charged with heavy black smoke venting from the kitchen exterior exhaust hood and soffits around the restaurant," said Mike Bourdon, Assistant Fire Chief, Prevention CFD.

In just a few minutes the blue sky was blotted out with a funnel of inky smoke that could been seen across the downtown.

"The restaurant was just opening for business when the fire started. Employees tried to extinguish the fire, the fire quickly got out of control so they made the right decision to exit the restaurant and wait for fire crews to arrive," said Bourdon.

Bourdon also said that crews entered and saw that the blaze was issuing from the kitchen food preparation area and that it was embedded in the roof and quickly exited.


Firefighters don't take unnecessary risks to try and save an empty structure that's too far gone.

The sky was blotted out Sunday over Banners Restaurant.

CFD threw all their resources at the fire today; the ladder truck, pumpers to push water through the hoses, air squad to refill fire crews's individual air tanks, rehab, rescue and a truck to deal with all the excess water among others.

RCMP were on-hand to tape off the area to keep the community safe and away from the windows that were popping and electrical devices that may explode.

"Firefighters went defensive and worked extremely hard to stop the fire from extending to the remainder of the building," said Bourdon. "The restaurant was completely destroyed adjoining units next to the restaurant received extensive smoke and water damage."

They hit it from all directions with the exception of the south side. Eventually the awnings crashed down while the majority of firefighters stood back out of harm's way and let the stubborn fire burn itself out with the help of crews pouring water on it.

The front awning crashes down.

After the blaze a extinguished, it's common for CFD to bring in an excavator to assist in "overhaul" and ensure that all hot spots are put out.


The restaurant owners, who had rushed over when they heard about it, were visibly upset and could only look on in shock and horror as their business went up in flames.

"The cause of the fire appears to be accidental and is under investigation by Chilliwack Fire Department," concluded Bourdon.

There were no injuries to the community or firefighter injuries.

A firefighter uses the brick wall to help shield himself.


The Ladder Truck with two firefighters attacked the blaze from above.



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