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eam Canada has won a total of five gold, five silver, and three bronze medals at the 2018 Warrior Games at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The 2018 Games will officially come to an end this evening at the Closing Ceremony.

“Congratulations to Team Canada on your showing at the 2018 Warrior Games. Your grit and determination in overcoming physical or mental health injuries to represent our country on the sports field is an inspiration to all who have worn and continue to wear the uniform of our Canadian Armed Forces, and to Canadians as a whole. To the United States Department of Defense, tremendous thanks for hosting these Games. We look forward to participating in the Warrior Games in Tampa next year," said Lieutenant-General C. A. Lamarre, Commander of Military Personnel Command. 

Team Canada member Charlene Kendell celebrates her gold medal performance in women’s powerlifting on Tuesday, June 5th during the 2018 Warrior Games that took place at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


This is the first year that Canada has taken part in the Warrior Games. The goal of the Games is to enhance the recovery of ill and injured armed service members and veterans through sport.

Over the past nine days, the 18 members of Team Canada competed in 11 sports against more than 300 ill and injured armed forces members and veterans from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The participation of Team Canada was made possible through the Canadian Armed Forces’ Soldier On Program.

“Well done, Team Canada! To all our Veterans and currently serving members on the team, your spirit and courage have made all Canadians proud! Know that Veterans Affairs Canada is here to continue to support you," said General (Retired) Walt Natynczyk, Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada.


• Master Corporal (retired) Charlene Kendell won gold in women’s powerlifting, two silver medals in rowing, and bronze in both women’s shot put and discus.

• Master Corporal (retired) Jason Israel won gold on the track in both the men’s 800 metre and 1500 metre races. 

• Sergeant (retired) Kevin Nanson won gold in both men’s seated shot put and men’s seated discus.

• Master Corporal Gordon Cresswell won bronze in men’s shot put. 

• Signals Officer (retired) Breton Carroll won three silver medals in swimming.

• Master Corporal (retired) Chris Morand represented Canada very well in the Ultimate Champion category, competing in seven different sports at this year’s Warrior Games.

• Team Canada’s 18-person contingent included seven serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces and 11 Veterans.

• The team represented Canada in all 11 sports at the Warrior Games, including archery, cycling, track, field, indoor rowing, powerlifting, shooting, sitting volleyball, swimming, time trial cycling, and wheelchair basketball.

• This is the first year that Canada took part in the Warrior Games; however, Canada is planning to field a team of up to 40 athletes annually in the future, with the next Warrior Games scheduled for June 2019 in Tampa, Florida.

The participation of Team Canada is made possible through the Canadian Armed Forces’ Soldier On Program. The program has supported more than 4,000 members since its inception more than 10 years ago, and remains committed to supporting Veterans and serving members with a permanent mental health or physical injury to adapt to their new normal, overcome their challenges, and Soldier On in life.

• Thanks to the generosity of Canadians, Soldier On has disbursed more than $5.4 million directly to ill and injured members across the country in support of their recovery. If you wish to help support our serving members and veterans, please visit www.soldieron.ca and click on Give Support.



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