Thursday, June 1, 2017



Life as We Know it

Helping kids play it safe with War Amps


Stephanie de Koning brings experience and a love of working to kids in the Warm Amps Champ Program.


hen Chilliwack resident Stefanie de Koning, 16, lost the lower part of her left leg, she didn't let it stop her, and based on her own experience, she began reaching out to kids through the Champ program to encourage them to play it safe.


Koning knows what it is like to live without a limb and has met children who have lost limbs in accidents that could have been prevented. Last year, she rode on The War Amps Playsafe Champ float in the Hyack Festival Parade encouraging kids to be safe.


"Every year we see children enrolling in our Champ Program due to lawn mower accidents that could have been prevented. These accidents can happen so quickly and lead to life-altering consequences," says Rob Larman, Director of Playsafe.

The Playsafe program is a unique “kids-to-kids” approach to child safety and War Amps believe that no one is better qualified to deliver the the message than members of the Champ Program. Many of whom have lost limbs in accidents while at play.

Learn more at the Warm Amps website here.


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