Monday, June 26, 2017 



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Wifi now on telephone poles

Staff/Janis Hoffman file photo


f you aren't using wifi in your home, and you haven't done so, you can get Shaw turn off the wifi on the modem and here's why.


Most people don't know that Shaw's new Gateway system can remotely turn on the wifi in your home.


"When I was having trouble connecting, Shaw turned off the wifi from their office and magically all our problems disappeared without sending someone out to fix our connection," says Janis Hofffman, with Parents for Safe Schools. "Then I took out my meter reader and told them AGAIN I had a child in the home who becomes very sick with the exposure and to make a huge note in my account


She says Telus is beaming out wifi more and more.


"They are putting the small cells on the telephone poles outside your home and you are being exposed even if you aren't a Telus customer," says Hoffman.



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