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Musical geniuses make stop at Tractorgrease August 9

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he Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra are a collection of musicians, linked by common sonic journeys and familial ties. It doesn’t matter much how they got here, but rather that they are traveling with each other.


Now they are here in the room with you, the way music in the folk tradition always is, to bring people together; to share real flesh, blood and feeling. They’ll weave their stories with guitars and violins, with accordions and bass, with melodies and music makers gleaned from their wanderings. Here are the troubadours to remind you that this music (no matter what kind of device it ends up on) could not exist without warm bodies in search of harmony.

What happens when you gather at a house beside the lake, for the music and the meals and the daily walk with the dog to the sea? When you lose a lover or become one, when you get married, and when you have to leave? Here is the song that will tell so much more than the words: sing of the things that burn brighter and work hearts harder, with melodies that linger salient as memories, too haunting to forget.

LOVE is an album about that much–storied sentiment that is certainly no stranger to a song. What makes The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra’s love songs unique is that it collects differing experiences into one harmonized narrative, teasing apart the layers and revealing how hard good people work to be good to each other. It’s an album that speaks to the consequences of love in its many forms, seeing it as both sugar and lemons, suggesting that to have one without the other would make the recipe incomplete.


The band has played numerous festivals including the Calgary Folk Festival, Artswells Music Festival, Vancouver Island Music Festival, Skafest, South Country Fair, Harmony Arts, Ottawa Jazz Fest, Bliss Fest in Michigan, Folly Fest in Fredericton, Steel Jam in Bethlehem, PA, many arts council and concert series performances along with industry showcases at Folk Alliance in Memphis Tennessee and the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals. TMO has toured coast to coast in Canada 5 times, toured Europe once and travels to the States frequently.


For more information on the band and to hear samples, visit here


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