Monday, June 12, 2017 



Sideline the Pipeline

Increased oil tanker traffic on the coast a poor idea

Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Author


am totally against the Kinder Morgan pipe line project and do not agree with choosing a better route or any route at all. Here are the reasons:


1.  Tripling the amount of crude oil exported would mean:


     Three times as many ships will come to Vancouver ports to take delivery of oil.

     More port facilities will have to be built. 

     The shoreline/harbor will be overcrowded w/foreign ships. 

     Fish and water mammals will be damaged and killed.

     Harbor water will be polluted with human sewage and refuse from the ships.


2.  The coastline response to oil spills and shipping accidents is already very inadequate. 


     There are no plans by the federal government either to increase or to speed up this protection. 

     Oil quickly sinks deep into the water and very little can be cleaned up. 

     Birds and water mammals die when they are coated with this heavy oil. 


3.  Indigenous reserves, burial sites and other sacred prehistoric lands are invaded without their approval.


4.  Arable land used by farmers is invaded w/o their approval.


5.  Our sources of pure drinking water are endangered. 


6.  Several constituencies in Burnaby area voted NDP largely because they are against the pipe line plans.


7.  Use of fossil fuels must gradually come to an end. Why?

     Fumes from cars and trucks funnel up the Fraser Valley and cause much smog.

     Fossil fuel pollution causes diseases of eye, ear, nose, throat, lungs and sinuses for most of this population. 

     Asthma, pneumonia and emphysema are on the increase.

     Smog causes chronic heart diseases, arthritis and cancers.

     Tourist travel is reduced because scenery is hazy and roads are congested.  There is rush hour 24/7.


8. It is time to realize that capital and maintenance costs of roads, highways and bridges have escalated. 

     The tax on gasoline should be spent in rural areas and not for city transit extensions.

     Light railways/trams are inexpensive to build and maintain. They are less polluting. They are a relaxing form of travel.

     A rail car lasts 30 years.  A bus lasts 5 years.


9. Funding of solar, geothermal, wind and wave and other alternate forms of energy is urgently needed. 

     Much progess is being made in developing alternate energy technology.  They are becoming affordable. 

     Even China is investing effectively in Solar Energy.

     Fracking to produce more natural gas should be phased out.


We do not need the Kinder Morgan expansion.  Besides, it offends the majority of people living in south western BC. 




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