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Another Kick at the Can

Former Elite Services Ltd. chicken catcher speaks out

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ore  information continues to trickle out about the alleged maltreatment of chickens by workers at Elite Services Ltd.  


The Voice learned Wednesday that a former worker at the company wanted to speak out but was fearful of losing their part-time work.


The worker says that the treatment of the chickens depicted in the Mercy for Animals undercover video has gone on for a long time.

"They have been doing that for years. It's nothing new," he said of the treatment of the animals. "One time employees pushed a liner full of birds out of the third floor of chicken barn including the quad (buggy)."

According to the source, most of the crew was always on marijuana

Apparently, the company was hard to deal with as well.

"Money was kept back from every pay cheque. If you spoke out you got fired," the former worker said.

He concluded in his report that "Employees regularly kicked the heads off birds, threw them into fans, allowed heads to get shipped trapped in liners (plastic shipping crates.)


This in an unconfirmed report and the source preferred to remain anonymous.

Elite Services have withdrawn all advertisements for work.


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