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More Hoops for Kinder Morgan

Ellis' open letter to the School of Public Policy in response to Globe story

David Ellis, Van., Businessman


David Ellis points to a pipeline map in July 2014 near Hope, BC. Below,


see huge fault in your letter published today in the "Globe" that notes:


"Distilled to its essence, this is a challenge to the Federal governments jurisdiction and competence in regulating the interprovincial commerce".


Prime Minister Trudeau made a decision to not allow a pipeline to Prince Rupert, his reason: that the Great Bear Rainforest needed to be protected.

The logic of ONLY allowing a pipe to Burnaby could soon be put to the test in the court room. As I note below, their are many "great bears" along the Trans Mountain, who depend heavily on salmon, and the contamination of the smolt rearing areas of the lower Fraser will handicap them for generations. A major economic base of B.C., is, in the hinterland regions, tourism, and the First Nations/sport/commercial salmon fishery.


Kinder Morgan pipeline patch as photographed by David Ellis in 2104.

I just spent a month in Alberta and found a more prosperous economy than we have in B.C.

Shell oil may want a pipeline but the people of Alberta don't need it all, to continue to prosper.


The Trans Mountain Pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby is also great for bears From east of Jasper Park to Hope, black bears walk on this pipe grizzly can be seen on the pipe:

1) Jasper to Tete Jaune Cache (I saw a mom with cubs here myself)
2) Albreda (lots wolves here too)
3) Blue River (migration route between mountain ranges note Mike Wiegele outdoor guides; "bear watching" by river boat is also a substantial summer industry along the North Thompson river here)
4) Kamloops north (need more info here)
5) Kamloops south (just one old bear still passes here)
6) Coquihalla (sightings inceasing every year)
7) Seabird Island, Chilliwack (Chief Siem Clem Seymour noted a grizzly passed the summer near here one year)

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