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Only the Good Die Young

UFVRD RCMP lose Ford

Staff/Voice photos


Chilliwack RCMP Police Dog Services lost their dedicated Ford.

n July 19, the RCMP UFVRD Police Dog Services (PDS)sadly lost "Ford", a long-time member of the Chilliwack K9 unit, from gastrointestinal infection.

"FORD was 3.75 years old. I supervised him from approximately 12 weeks of age while he was raised here in the LMD," said Cpl. Ian Sneddon, Lower Mainland District Integrated Police Dog Service.

Date of Birth: 2013-SEP-22
Service Start: 2015-JUN-23
Service End: 2017-JUN-19
Posting: LMD IPDS - East District

PSD Regimental #: 991

In addition to the general profiles carried by all PSD's in the RCMP, FORD also carried the following specialty profiles

Explosives Detection
Emergency Response Team
ERT Marine Ops
Avalanche Search & Rescue

Over the years, Ford worked tirelessly keeping Chilliwack a safer place. PDS is an integral part of the Emergency Response Team. Once Ford had a line on a criminal there was no getting away.

A suspect has a knife. So what. A suspect has gun. So what. Someone's in the water drowning. They'll be there.


They're what criminals fear most.  They keep coming and coming.  Nothing gets in their way and nothing will stop them.  Like the city's emergency responders, the dogs put it all on the line.

Sometimes they fail, but they've given it their best. In his time, Ford caught and cornered many miscreants.


"In March, 2015, The Voice wrote in a crime story: The suspect, who was allegedly armed with a knife, got in and immediately attacked the driver, punching him and slashing at him with the knife. The driver, fearing for his life, bailed and the man and woman took off in the vehicle east down Yale Rd."

Friday, ‎September ‎18, ‎2015


"The responding officer managed to arrest the female suspect, however the male darted off into the darkness. A foot chase ensued, the suspect vaulted a couple of backyard fences at Bole and Victoria, and was gone."


So it's not easy being a Mounties' dog.

The Voice offers condolences to Ford's partners and thank them for what they do most of which goes thankless.

The Voice has captured has photographed Ford and others over the years.


See the photos below.

































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