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lemonTree creations party June 17, shows June 20-21

Submitted by Richard Forzley


he Queer Arts Festival 2017 presents two extraordinary dance events that demand to be seen for the raw physicality of the performers and the thrilling, original choreography conceived by lemonTree creations in MSM [men seeking men] and the Circadia Indigena Aboriginal Arts Collective in Greed/REsolve.


MSM [men seeking men]—with lemonTree creations
In MSM [men seeking men], a dance theatre piece inspired by actual transcripts of online conversations between men who seek other men, Artistic Producer Indrit Kasapi has created a world where music is the Omnipotent Power and through choreography and text deconstructs online male personas and their personal exchanges with other men. The piece is inspired by online Grindr “hook-up” culture and male desires towards other men. Premiering first as a critically acclaimed and one of the top grossing productions at Toronto Fringe 2013, it went on to play during Toronto’s WorldPride celebration in June 2014. The Charlebois Post called it “ … frisky and fun, and at other [times] violent and hard to watch. The remount of MSM is a great achievement.”

lemonTree creations is a Toronto-based theatre company that seeds new work, brings productions to fruition, and challenges artists to grow, by exploring what is lost and found in the liminal space between borders, identities and sexualities. Established in 2007, the core artistic team includes Indrit Kasapi, Cole Alvis and Jonathan Seinen. For this production, Joe Pagnan is production designer with performers Indrit Kasapi, Ryan G. Hinds, Cole Alvis, Roderic Chan and Kunal Ranchod.

Greed/REsolve—with Circadia Indigena Aboriginal Arts Collective
Presented by Circadia Indigena’s Artistic Director Jerry Longboat in collaboration with Bryon Chief-Moon, Olivia C. Davies and Luis G. Canton Rocher, Greed/REsolve is a work in two parts. Greed examines today’s exploitative stock market and crippling corporate greed by juxtaposing it with traditional knowledge that values harmony with the natural environment and maintaining a dynamic balance by “taking only what is needed.” Corporate and personal greed compound biospheric destruction and the work layers First Nations worldviews on the dissonance that impacts the living balance of the planet when we take our resources and poison the environment around us.

REsolve layers First Nations worldviews on this dissonance and addresses issues of de-colonization of self and homeland. Through an awakening of the individual confronting an authoritarian system set on keeping us in an increasingly dependent matrix, REsolve instead encourages taking control of your own destiny by exposing the hollow lies from leadership and challenging our economic slavery and physiological bondage. These are transcendent moments of realization and awakening where one has no choice but to stand-up for freedom and mobilize the ability to act and self determine.

June 20 & 21 | 7pm
Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online at queerartsfestival.com.Ticket prices vary – please see individual shows for details.

Come early, and take in the Curated Visual Art Exhibition UnSettled.

The Pride in Art Society (PiA) produces the Queer Arts Festival, an annual professional, artist-run, multidisciplinary festival that harnesses the visceral power of the arts to inspire recognition, respect and visibility of people who transgress gender and sexual norms. PiA produces, presents and exhibits with a curatorial vision favouring challenging, thought-provoking work that pushes boundaries and initiates dialogue.


PiA brings diverse communities together to support artistic risk-taking, incite creative collaboration and experimentation and celebrate the rich heritage of queer artists and art.





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