Tuesday, June 13, 2017 



Ryder Lake Grape

A Big Thank-You

Grateful to everyone who participated to everyone who participated, next up Country Fair July 22

Peter Whitlock, RLFI president


nother great Ramble! Smaller than in past years, but venues were busy all day both days.


Many, many thanks to all the volunteers who made all this look so easy.  Lots of great community support and activities with kids helping and setting up lemonade stands!

Thanks to Molly-Ann, Grant and Ariel who helped sort out all the Ramble Equipment and store it away for next year. Much appreciated.

Thanks also to Jack and Ruby Clegg who help load all the left over plants into the nursery area in the corral behind our barn. Also much appreciated so no need to meet this afternoon to do that.

Laurie's still getting the last receipts in and working out out the financial details, but it's looking good.

We are be meeting at the Hall on Tuesday at 2pm to pack away all the Ramble equipment under the stage and at 4pm at Forester Road to transfer all the remaining plants into the nursery area in the corral.


Feel free to help if you have time to call or visit over the next few months, if there are additional plants you would like.

Our next community event is the Country Fair on July 22, 2017, is only six weeks away.


Please call Heather 604 864 1662 (Cell 604 847 1662) or Kelly 604 703 6498 if you are not already involved or volunteering.


Additionally: Feline Found

It didn't just appear out of thin air. It came from some home. Are you missing your pal.


If so, Bridget has your cat. To pick up, call her at 604.824.8134




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