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A Few Good Gleaners

The glean team is getting ready for the annual fruit and vegetable cleanups

Peter Whitlock, Valley Permaculture Guild


ver the next few weeks the team goes out for a second crop of leftover fruit and vegetables.

We will start getting requests in July for gleans I will be looking for persons willing to be team leaders this year. Let me know if you would like to lead some of the gleans this summer.


The home owner/farmer will be be asked questions from the "what to know if you are a fruit tree owner" form below and will set up a date for the glean.

How it works:

1. Our Gleaning Coordinator will send out an email to the mailing list explaining what the glean is for, when it's scheduled, and how many people are needed.

2. People who would like to participant will email back to secure their spot.

3. The organizer will email back the people who get a spot (given to those who register first). They will then be given details about the location, supplies needed and any other important details.

4. The Gleaning Coordinator or a Gleaning Team Leader and volunteers will meet at the scheduled time and location, harvest the produce, and divide it 3 ways between the home owner/farmer, the recipient partner(s) and the remaining third is divided between the gleaners who attend that day.

5. The Gleaning Coordinator, Gleaning Team Leader or volunteer will distribute the third to the recipient organization(s).

For more information, visit To join the team, e-mail Peter here or call 604 799 5900


Photo: The 2017 Glean Team


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