Friday June 10, 2016 



Rally to Save Crab Park 

Saving greenspapce

Wendy Pederson



top the expansion of the Centerm Container Terminal that would ruin CRAB park. Stand with the people of the Downtown Eastside and respect their struggle by protecting CRAB Park.


A huge multinational company is threatening CRAB Park. Dubai Ports World, operators of the Centerm container terminal beside much-loved CRAB Park, plans to extend its terminal westward with 7 acres of infill in the ocean right in front of the Park.

CRAB Park is the only green space for the vast majority of Downtown Eastside residents, almost all of whom live in SROs or small apartments. It is home to the monument in memory of Downtown Eastside missing and murdered women.

Downtown Eastsiders and their allies have struggled successfully for 33 years for CRAB Park, succeeding against impossible odds.

Now Centerm's expansion threatens to transform CRAB's natural setting into a heavy industry zone with its attendant air, water and noise pollution. It will bring in more hazardous cargo to a heavily populated neighbourhood that already endured a huge chemical fire from Centerm's terminal in March 2015.

The Port of Vancouver is not accountable to any level of government. It alone has the power to stop this expansion.

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