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Peter Whitlock, Ryder Lake Farmer's Institute


his is one of a series of emergency preparedness workshops presented by Chilliwack Emergency Program Coordinator, Assistant Fire Chief, Jim MacDonald and his team.


Emergency Preparedness - June 16th, 7 pm - Ryder Lake Hall
This is one of a series of emergency preparedness workshops presented by Chilliwack Emergency Program Coordinator | Assistant Fire Chief, Jim MacDonald and his team.

The first workshop will cover personal preparedness. Information about the FireSmart Program will be of special interest to homeowners with trees.

After the windstorms, our community worked together to tackle the cleanup. We proved that together we can take care of ourselves and each other. We now have an opportunity to educate ourselves on all aspects of emergency preparedness: knowing the risks / making a plan / getting prepared / protecting family, animals and property - no matter what the emergency.

A small team of Ryder Lake residents has formed to discuss emergency preparedness with the assistance of the Chilliwack Emergency Program Team. We hope that you'll join us in the near future in preparing as a community to ensure that Ryder Lake residents are safe in the event of any emergency.

Come join us June 16th, coffee and snacks and talk.

Any question please feel free to contact your committee coordinator Leslie Hart via e-mail here.

The Ramble

Another great Ramble. My thanks to all the volunteers who pitched-in and helped in so many ways to make this event work smoothly. A big thank you to the owners and volunteers at the venues who made everyone welcome at their places. Our plant sale was certainly the biggest one ever and I know everyone will enjoy the new additions to their gardens for years to come.

The food at the Hall was great as always and has become one of reasons this event is so well attended. Thanks to Patrick and his gang in the kitchen.

Our thanks to Homelife Realty for the donation of the tent again this year.

I know from the comments that everyone went away talking about what a great community Ryder Lake is.


Pasture Perfect

We live off Extrom, near Briteside. We have a few acres, needing cutting or something. And wondering if anyone would like to have their animals eat our grass. We would be willing to meet with anyone and work out the practicalities of such a partnership. Contact Keith Rudance via e-mail here.



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