Tuesday June 7, 2016 


Ryder Lake Rub

Case of the Missing Cows and Found Dogs

Two cows escape, one located, two abandoned pooches

Peter Whitlock, Whitlock Family Association


e have a couple of red angus yearling cows that broke out of a property on Mt Thom. If anyone sees them please call Dennis Barg at 604-703-3891, or Brian Woods at 604-795-0178.


Please be advised that these cows are scared and not used to people, so should not be approached. They will go through fences if they feel threatened. They will probably want to buddy up with other cows, so if you have cows and notice an extra one or two.


The yearling bull has been located on Thornton and we hope to get him home shortly.

The yearling heifer was last seen on the west side of Mt Thom.


Found Dogs Abandoned

We have two beautiful female border collie x litter mates at our house. They have no collars and could be abandoned.


Who ever lost them can call us at 604-858-0175 or cell 604-316-1843 They are a well behaved pair and respond well to commands. This pair of dogs may go to the SPCA if there is no response by tomorrow.



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