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How Sweet it is

Glucose in foods more common than we think

Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Chilliwack


hanks for your message below. I use powdered skim milk and it is not sweet. My grandson Ewen bought some fresh skim milk while he was here for my birthday. I tasted it just now and it wasnít sweet. Maybe some brands of milk are sweetened.


Synthetic glucose-fructose is being added to many foods now, even to some frozen vegetables such as peas and corn. It is added to tomato juice and canned tomatoes. That ruins their flavor. Most salad dressings taste sweet even if the label says 0 or 1g. sugar.

Even bread tastes sweet. I phoned a well known company some time ago and they told me sugar was needed to make yeast rise. I said ďOne Tbsp sugar was enough for my mother for a dozen loaves.Ē I said I donít like eating sweet bread with eggs or vegetables. Sweet bread is suitable only as a desert. I remember mother sometimes used water saved from cooking potatoes instead of sugar for the yeast to rise.

I suggest phoning Consumer Services using the number on the bottle or package. I often do and get interesting results. A few have sent $5 gift certificates. Some have sent coupons for some of their own products which are all sweet, so I canít use them. About a year ago, I phoned Safeway because of the sweetness of the tomato sauce on their meat loaf. Within two weeks they started putting the sweet tomato sauce in a package beside the meat loaf. I checked two days ago and saw the sauce still is placed in a packet at the side. Instead of tomato sauce I use salsa sometimes.

I even found Bisto dark gravy mix is sweet. Their poultry mix was better.


Hi grandma,
I tried cow milk for the first time in a few years and I was surprised at how sweet it tastes. I've read that sugar is added to cow milk in the USA for marketing. Is this also true for Canada, or am I tasting the naturally occurring sugar? I don't remember cow milk being so sweet.



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