Monday June 13, 2016 

The Arts

Take A Giant Step 

Chilliwack Society for Community Living show their stuff 

Mary Main, CVAA


Some folks at the Chilliwack Society for Community Living stop for a group photo. Below, Kevin shows one of his best works.


t's been three years since an individual receiving support through Chilliwack Society for Community Living walked into the doors of the O'Connor Art Gallery looking for inspiration. Little did we know how far that one step would take us and what a wonderful path it would lead us down!


Kevin decided to start pursuing an interest in artwork, Chilliwack Society for Community Living was given the opportunity to become involved in the local art community. This has "Opened Doors" for so many in our Community Inclusion Services as well as individuals in residential programs.

It is with great enthusiasm that a colourful and diverse group meet on Wednesday afternoons. We have had the pleasure, and honour, of having some fantastic artists share their talent with our Art Club. Every volunteer brings their own vision to share as well as an appreciation for art of all kinds. We couldn't make it happen without our wonderful volunteers.

The Open Door Exhibit in the O'Connor Group Art Gallery in the Cultural Centre, 9201 Corbould , Chilliwack, June 15-18, from  noon until 5 pm. The reception in on June 16, from 6-8 pm. This is a very important event for the Chilliwack Society for Community Living.


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