Friday June 10, 2016 



Canada 150 Mosaic 

Collective works from sea to sea

Sherry Dunn, Abbotsford


he artists leading one of the projects that are outcomes of this celebration are hoping to have murals150mosaics in 150 cities and towns by 2017, joining our country from sea to sea to sea in collective works of public art, created in the communities and linked virtually via the artist collective. It would be neat to see this project grow over the next year leading up to Canada's 150th birthday.


This is the website of the artist collective who are organizing the Canada-wide mural projects:

This is the City of Abbotsford website for our city's local efforts in this project:

We'd like to have 400 artists and community members represented from Abbotsford - all ages and abilities are welcome.


The City of Abbotsford is proud to be one of five communities in BC participating in the Canada 150 Mural Mosaic project.  The purpose of the project is to create the ultimate time capsule to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada by uniting the 13 provinces and territories together through thousands of Canadian participants into one unified collaborative mural mosaic by creating a visual storyboard of Canada. In British Columbia, participation also includes: Penticton; Port Moody; Campbell River; and Parksville.


Each participating city or town creates a section of the mural that symbolizes their community made up of 400-750 individual tiles painted by members of that community. Each community mural virtually connects to other community murals resulting in a massive coast to coast unified mosaic.  The completed paintings will be assembled into a unified mosaic that will represent our community.  The community mural will be permanently assembled and protected so it will stand as a legacy piece for decades to come and will be one piece of the Canada 150 Mosaic.  Every painting will be a story and will become a piece of a much bigger story.


Painting for the Canada 150 Mural Mosaic project in Abbotsford is underway at W.J. Mouat Secondary School with Maisie Lam and Jordan Turner's art class completing the first batch of tiles.


Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts (ASIA) will commence painting this week.  Public workshops will be happening at the Reach Gallery Museum and Kariton Art Gallery and Boutique during June and July with the final workshops and mosaic assembly led by the Mural Mosaic team occurring July 21-23.









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