Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ryder Lake Rub

Treading Water

Hot, dry weather puts strain on Ryder Lake H2O stocks

By Peter Whitlock, RLFI


have had several questions regarding where residents can access water.

The City of Chilliwack operates the Bailey Road Water Station. This allows residents to access the City water system at no additional cost.


You are required to register at the Civic Works Yard, 8300 Kiernan Drive (Next to RCMP). They give you a code number to use at the Water Station. NOTE:
you need to bring your own water tank(s) and a hose to hook up to the faucet.


For more information about the Ryder Lake Farmer's Institute and the annual Ryder Lake Ramble visit


On Wed June 24 we had 2 cows jump the fence of the Hirschmann property on Ryder Lake Rd and wander off, probably in search of water. If any one has seen 2 cows (or one if they've split up) wandering around that should not be there could you please call Evelyn at 604 845 9573 or Jack and Laurie Hirschmann.


They are reddish brown yearlings with no markings and tags in their right ear, 3B and 10B. Also tattooed in the left ear with WSR followed by their tag numbers. Any sightings would be helpful. Thank you!


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