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Police arrest cyclist with crossbow, plus other items from this past week

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An ERT member wears a breathing device before extricating a man on Corbould St. Tuesday.


Please note that details described in our local crime reports are based on conjecture by The Valley Voice News. Unless otherwise noted, our Street News has not been confirmed by the police. We thank the Chilliwack RCMP for their cooperation as we continue to gather the news.


olice extracted and detained a man last Tuesday after he barricaded himself in his residence at a townhouse in the 9200-block of Corbould St.


The operation began in the morning and took a few hours as police slowly moved in with an assortment of tools to open doors with including a battering ram.


At some point, negotiations with the suspect broke down and police were forced to resort to other measures.


It’s not known how the man was extricated, but at one point an ERT member was seen wearing a breathing apparatus. The suspect was eventually brought out and he made it to the ambulance under his own steam.



Dead Air

Dispatchers puzzle over no response from medics, send reinforcements


A vehicle airbag deployed slightly injuring the driver last week.


eports that BCAS paramedics may have been in trouble at the scene of a two-vehicle MVI at Williams St. and Margaret Ave. Wednesday around 4 p.m., brought police rushing to the scene.


As it turned out, the medics were busy with one of the people who had suffered minor injuries in the accident, and they were not in trouble. One person was taken to hospital to be checked after the airbag deployed in the smashed vehicle.



Cyclist with Crossbow Arrested

RCMP officer comes across an armed thug early Thursday


Police inspect a crossbow after it was taken from a man early Thursday.


t around 3:30 a.m. Thursday, police arrested a man riding a bicycle on Cook St. who was allegedly packing a crossbow around with him.


The weapon was black in colour and so difficult to see, however an officer found it during the ensuing street check.


The suspect was placed under arrest and put in the back of a cruiser. Even though there was not much a lawyer could do, the man was heard asking for one and police took the time to explain procedure.


The arrest itself was uneventful, and the hardest part seemed to be figuring out a way to get the thug's bicycle into the cruiser. Residents typically refer to the ne'er-do-wells on bicycles at night as BOBs — Burglars on Bikes.



Deepest Darkest Chilliwack

Man arrested in unlit niche park


Police arrest a man in a dark park on Princess Ave.


olice came across a group of men lurking in a niche park  with poor lighting at Princess and Edwards Friday at around 10 p.m. One of the men had a warrant for his arrest, so he was taken off to jail. It's not know what he was wanted for. Warrants are called 10-40s by police, or just "a 40" for short.



Police Swatted by Erroneous Call

Dumpster diver with shopping cart said to have gun


A man is detained and searched in the McDonald's parking lot early Saturday.


driver passing through the McDonald’s drive-thru at 1 a.m., called police to say one of the locals with a shopping cart, who hangs out at the restaurant, had a gun. Police moved in fast and detained the man, however no gun was found and he was released. It’s not known if the person who phoned in the complaint was fined for filing a false report.



Wheelchair MVI

Senior fortunate not to be hurt after tangling with a car


Paramedics and firefighters responded to reports that an elderly man was hit in a crosswalk on Main Street Sunday.


senior riding on a motorized wheelchair was clipped by a vehicle after darting out into traffic on Main Street Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, the elderly man seemed to be uninjured with the exception of a bump on the wrist, likely from falling out of the chair. Firefighters and BCAS paramedics were on-scene to assist


For information on the safe operation of motorized wheelchairs, you can download an informational pdf file from ICBC here.


Rules for using motorized wheelchairs

• You don’t need a driver’s licence to drive a motorized wheelchair.

• Vehicle registration, licence plates and insurance are also not required.

• Motorized wheelchairs can be used on sidewalks or roads, following the same rules as pedestrians.

A motorized wheelchair may only be operated for the purposes for which it was designed.

Safety tips for driving motorized wheelchairs

• Ride only where it's safe, following the same rules and guidelines as pedestrians.

• Use courtesy and think safety.

• Drive at the same speed as other pedestrian traffic.

• Be extra cautious of possible traffic as you approach driveways and lanes.

• Try to avoid sudden turns.

Avoid using your motorized wheelchair if you're taking any medication, drugs or alcohol that may affect your skills or judgment.


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