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Chilliwack street news

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RCMP and BCAS paramedics deal with injured people in a brawl that spilled out of the street from Triple Play Pub at Five Corners last week.


Details described in our local crime reports are based solely on conjecture by The Valley Voice News. Unless otherwise noted, our "Street News" has not been confirmed by the RCMP. We thank the Chilliwack RCMP for their cooperation as we continue to gather the news.


ust after midnight Sunday, an Emergency Response Team member who happened to be driving by Triple Play Pub at Five Corners, found himself in a tight spot while attempting to break up a fight that spilled onto the street and make some arrests. The problem was that some of the brawlers didn't want to cooperate.


The area was soon swarming with police as heavy metal band Coastal Assault’s music carried outside onto the street.


One man had a gash on his face and was seen to by paramedics at Five Corners. An officer had something in an evidence bag which may or may not have been a weapon.



Sunday, May 31

Squatter Troubles

A K9 was brought in to assist in checking the house.


olice were back at the infamous Rotary Dr. house Sunday after reports that people were inside. The residence, a stone's throw from Chilliwack Secondary was slapped with a "no occupancy" order by the City on May 5th.


No one was found, but apparently, Mounties have been called back frequently by vigilant neighbours who have seen people malingering about at night.



Wednesday, June 3

Knife Arrest



n employee at a Airport and Yale Rd store called police around 6:30 p.m. to report a man in the store allegedly had a large knife under his jacket.


Police arrived with Olympic speed and the men fled on foot. Fleet-footed officers caught and arrested the suspect. He was later taken to jail for further investigation.


There has been no word yet from RCMP if this is the robbery suspect they is looking for.



Thursday, June 4

Gingko’s Robbed



t around 7:30 p.m., a Caucasian man, described as being heavyset, went into Ginkgo Chinese Food Restaurant at First Ave. and Young Rd. and demanded money.


Reports were that the suspect allegedly had something long and shiny which was produced and used in the robbery. It's not known how much cash was taken.


The thug was last seen making his getaway on a grey BMX bicycle with larger tires. He headed northbound on Yale, and then west toward Williams St. The was said to have a black daypack.



Thursday, June 4 

Breach Arrest



few minutes after the robbery at Ginkgo Chinese Food Restaurant, police located a man in his 30’s matching the description of the suspect also on a bicycle at Victor Ave and Yale Rd.


Reports are, the man was checked and he was arrested for being in breach of his probation, but apparently was not involved in the robbery.



Thursday, June 4 

ICARS Investigates Pedestrian Hit and Run



round 11 p.m., a pedestrian at Mary and Hodgins was hit so hard, reports are the man traveled 60 feet in the air before hitting his head on the pavement.


The suspect vehicle allegedly drove off west with a smashed front windshield. A few minutes later, police responded to reports of a car in the ditch on Wolfe Rd.


The car matched with damage and that witnesses described, however the driver was gone when the police arrived.


A K9 unit was immediately dispatched and easily picked up a strong track in a corn field next to where the vehicle was located. In five minutes, the officer had the suspect driver under arrest.


ICARS was brought in to investigate the accident and the intersection was closed.



Monday June 8

Stopped in His Tracks



olice were alerted by a witness who saw a man allegedly breaking into a business in the 8900-block of Young Rd at around 1 a.m. Monday.


They quickly moved in and arrested a suspect.



Monday June 8

Bicycle MVA



hilliwack firefighters and BCAS were quick to respond to reports around 8:30 a.m. Monday that a man on a bicycle was hit by a vehicle in the 8800-block of Broadway. Thankfully, the man wasn’t seriously injured and managed to limp to ambulance under his own steam.



Monday June 8

Tenants Evacuated After Small Fire Breaks Out



ne person suffered some smoke inhalation after a small blaze broke out in an apartment unit in the 46000-block of First Ave. around 10 p.m. Monday.  Firefighters extinguished it and assisted the tenant. The cause of the fire is not known.



Monday June 8

Smashed Out of Business



business on Wellington Ave had three windows smashed on the weekend. Access wasn't gained into the business and so nothing was taken. One window cost over $1000 to replace.


It's not known how businesses can endure the onslaught of vandalism. Some small stores downtown are just one glass-break away from being put out of business. Plexiglas windows cost a substantial amount more than regular glass.



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Five Corners Brawl














Squatters - Rotary Drive





Knife Arrest - Yale Rd.




Breach Arrest - Yale Rd.





Pedestrian - MVA at Mary and Hodgins






Bicycle MVA - Broadway







First Ave Apartment Fire














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