Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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Community Fabric

Teacher looks for mystery quilter

By Paula Aquino, Chilliwack



bout three years ago, a wonderful woman who was no longer able to quilt donated her amazing collection of quilting fabrics to the G. W. Graham Home Economics department. She wanted these fabrics to be used to help students learn how to quilt. 


Unfortunately, I have forgotten her name, but I hope she will see this letter and learn how we have been using those fabrics and how much they have been appreciated by students and others.

In early May, G. W. Graham continued their tradition of Take Action Day, and once again some students had the opportunity to make quilts for a cause. 

This year, using the donated fabrics, we were able to complete two single-bed quilts for the Cyrus Centre in Chilliwack. In other years we have made quilts for babies and children that have travelled to places like Guatemala and Africa, and to Isabella’s Umbrella for NICU hospitals in Western Canada. 

In addition, the fabric has been used to make quilts in Textile Studies classes at G. W. Graham Middle-Secondary.

These beautiful fabrics help make the textiles classroom feel like a fabric shop. Many metres still remain to introduce more students to quilting and will continue to be used in the design and creation of many more quilts.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to the generous person who donated these fabrics and has contributed to the enjoyment of my students as they learn to quilt.



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