Friday, June 26, 2015

On the Road

Don't Worry, Be Appy

Chilliwack transit area covered – in real time

Andrea Peach, Mind Sea Media


e are officially live in the App Store! We’ve introduced real time data capability, Apple Watch integration and almost 4x the number of supported cities and transit authorities!


In upcoming blog posts we will talk about each of the major upgrades in more detail, but here’s a quick overview of what you have to look forward to…

MANY new cities: Find yours among the 37 supported cities across Canada! If you don’t see your city, double check the transit authorities. You may be covered under a larger city. If not, please submit a request to add a new city. You can do this in the app or on our website.

Apple Watch integration: Sync with your Apple Watch for instant arrival times for all nearby transit routes, and keep alerts and favourites only a glance away.

Vehicle accessibility features: Some transit authorities provide information on which vehicles can accommodate people with physical disabilities. We have integrated this into the app so that our users can better plan their commute.

Feedback and support system: We have integrated a system into the app for improved interaction with our users so that we can more easily provide exceptional customer service.

When Transit 360 was first created back in 2010, the goal was to assist the daily transit commuter. This goal drove our design and won the loyalty of our users. We focused on making the app as simple and efficient as possible with the following key features right at your fingertips:

Nearby stops & routes: Quick and easy access to maps and schedules.
Time saving favourites: Immediate access to your favourite routes, stops and searches.
Convenient alerts: Set alerts to receive reminder notifications for vehicle departure times.

• Interactive welcome experience: Learn how to use the key features of the app on day one.
• Redesigned map view: Our interactive maps have been improved to include convenient route schedules and outlines as well as vehicle locations (according to real time data or schedules).

• Real time data: Watch a vehicle approach in real time to know if it’s running behind, or ahead of, schedule. Real time data is provided by the transit authority. If the transit authority does not provide real time data, the times shown in the app are based on their schedule.

By providing easy access to these key features, we enable the commuter to find the information s/he is looking for as easily and quickly as possible — usually in only 1–2 taps!

We worked hard to maintain these key features while adding the new features. We are so excited to introduce this new version to our loyal users and to new users of the app!

Hear more about all of our new features and to stay up to date with Transit 360 by following us on Twitter @transit360, Facebook, our website and on Medium.

Transit 360 is available for free in the App Store or at




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