Thursday, June 11, 2015


River of Thought

Poetry to inspire

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ike a lot of people, Lisa Knowles enjoys taking time out to relax and unwind on the banks of the Fraser River and sometime write poems.


She draws inspiration from that, and from some of the characters she meets along the way.


Recently, one of those people was a guy who goes by the name of Jim.


When Knowles came across Jim, he was busy cleaning up the beach at Gill Bar on his days off.

"He made a tool and was patiently dragging it around where everyone usually parks for the beautiful view, to pick up nails and other sharp objects left from people enjoying a fire when permitted,  for example pallets in the fire full of nails," wrote Knowles.

Knowles says she can't thank Jim enough, and just wanted to let Voice readers know about this unsung hero in the community.


"The mountain of nails he gathered was staggering and he must have saved many of us flat tires unknowingly in the past at the several spots that he cleans up on a regular basis. He also mentioned he likes to enjoy the view with a cold beer on occasion after it's cleaned up and the hazards removed. I'll definitely be watching for him the next cruise out to return your selfless gesture. He's a good man."


Aside from walks on the riverbank, Knowles also loves creative writing.


In her latest poem below, Knowles says she wants to bring awareness about the Fraser River's "ever-increasing fragile state, and how beautiful and important all living things are that it sustains."


Photo: Lisa Knowles stands beside a rare Barred Owl at a convention centre recently.



Can You Hear The River

The river gentle
speaks in whispers

Gliding, telling stories
with song

Never to end, strong,
gently twisting on

Crisp, the airs mist,
dancing in the trees

Morning glory, sunshine,
sowing the seeds

Mother Earth, at her finest,
bringing others to their knees

Showing all her colors of honeysuckle,
and float away bees

Protect her, hold her, guide her,
for she will never ease

Giving peace to people, birds and animals,
living in the leaves


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