Road to sustainable cities is laid out from peak to valley

Painting by Dianne Mackenzie.







For the following reasons I do not mind having taxes increased, which will soon pay for themselves:



ore money needs to go into education. Student loans are so high that few enter medical, physiotherapy and anesthesia professions.  There are far from enough.  There are long waits for surgery and poor rehabilitation both post-op and in the community.

2 -  The spending of money to increase sale of crude oil and the fracking for natural gas is totally wrong.  Be honest about climate change and pollution.

3 -  Make present pipe lines safe but not larger. Gradually but quickly reduce sale overseas, of oil, gas and coal.  China is quickly increasing production of Solar energy and will not need ours.  So are the countries of Europe. Canada is being looked down on as ignorant and naive.

4 -  Cut back on construction with cement for tall buildings and sky trains. They greatly speed up global warming, air, water and soil pollution.  The construction done by NCS Lavalin uses much environmentally unfriendly cement and has won contracts through bribery.


5 -  Greatly increase funding of individuals and companies to engage in producing and installing Alternate Energy (solar, wind, and geothermal).


6 -  Educate people and industries that geothermal does not require hot springs. The installation costs more than wiring for electricity and a/c, but quickly maintenance costs are almost nil.


7 -  Build a network of railways that can carry both tram trains and freight trains, as in Europe and England.   Hydrogen power is now affordable.  Sky trains and subways are outdated and 10 or 20 times more expensive and very polluting.

8 -  Acquire many cold storage train cars to market fruit and vegetables, each with a schedule to stop for a day to buy and sell,  doing so every week of the year, across Canada.


9 -  Place high taxes on Refrigerator trucks that bring fruit and vegetables from USA and Mexico.  Place high taxes on grocery stores that now sell this produce for less than it can be grown in Canada.

10 -  Stop being deceived by Monsanto and Dow.  The pesticides and GMO seeds they force on all of Canada and all over the world are costly, do not increase yield, and result in loss of effectiveness, just as has happened to antibiotics like Penicillin.  All Canadian Corn, wheat, Soya and Canola are now genetically modified because bees and wind carried the pollen to organically grown fields.  Monsanto employees secretly were hired in top posts in USA and Canadian food and drug regulation.  Dishonest “scientists” are employed by Monsanto.  Whistle blowers are demoted or fired.

11 -  More Universities should be opened in the north, such as was done in Prince George.  Then graduates will like working in the north.


12 -  New northern communities should be multicultural, and have a high school, hospital, technical college and sports facilities so that educated unemployed Canadian university graduates will be glad to teach and serve in the north, marry and bring up their their children there.


13 -  Accept a large number of refugees annually, carefully screened.  Europe, Syria and Bangladesh are overburdened.  But we should subsidize them to live in northern communities, not in our cities. 


14 -  Refugees should be subsidized to terrace and develop the valleys and hillsides that contain rubble, and diseased forests that have trees killed by pine beetles.  Several kinds of nutritious legumes and fruit could be grown.  Open factories to build fine furniture out of beetle damaged lumber.  


15 -  Ban use of plastics for packaging, insulating and toys.  Fund new companies to clean up our seashores and oceans, and manufacture usable articles.


16 -  I usually voted NDP because of the great improvement Tommy Douglas brought to rural SK. (hospitals, high schools, sports arenas, 4 H clubs and thriving family mixed farms).  They introduced farming methods that brought relief from dust storms such as diagonal tilling and long stubble to prevent loss of topsoil, etc.  Now absentee farmers who  bought out many small farms, do one crop farming.  The farm families and youth have lost all their local friends and supports and moved to the cities.   The modern NDP focus on labor, but have no platform for small size agriculture and marketing.  Are you listening?  I can’t vote for you until you do.


17  - “Better at Home” (keeping the elderly in their own home) is very underfunded.  More home cleaners and handymen are needed.  Many seniors and handicapped people can live alone and do their own bathing and cooking, but they do not have family or friends to do proactive maintenance in and outside their home.

18  - There is a shortage of pharmacists and costs are high for prescribed meds, over the counter meds, supplies and vitamins.  This is because there are far too many pharmacies, four times too many. 

19  -  There are too many kinds of Hearing Aid companies, much is spent on advertising and no home visits are done.  In Assisted Living and Residential Care the staff do not know how to clean and maintain hearing aids. A technician should visit weekly to service all the hearing aides.  It would be costly for technicians from 10 or 20 twenty companies to visit all their clients.  It is difficult for elderly people to make appointments and get to the down town office, at the right time, when a part time technician is available.


20  - All university and technology students should have apprenticeship training or internships while they are students, and jobs awaiting when they graduate.


My heart cries out to you to learn from the above 20 points, to care and work wisely and  conscientiously for rural people, rural uplift, seniors, unemployed educated people and jobs.  Then the economy will be good.




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