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Medaling Around



Vets want war decorations on people who actually served and were engaged in the battlefields





Quiet contemplation for lost friends at the Chilliwack Cenotaph. Below is an open letter today to Governor General Julie Payette and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.











hildren honouring non-Veterans and ignoring Veterans that have served! This to me is the embarrassment of a nation, when our nation's youth cannot identify a real veteran from a civilian.

Some of your colleagues such as M.P. Irene Mathyssen, M.P. Bill Casey and M.P. Harold Albrecht are well versed on the efforts to create a volunteer service medal for our Veterans and have either sponsored an e-petition or read paper petitions in support of the medal.

It is long-overdue to right the wrong so that our Veterans will be those that are identifiable by this one medal alone and it needs a strong government, an effort by all Members of Parliament to make this happen. Many Members of Parliament on behalf of their constituents have read the petition calling for a volunteer medal for our Veterans.

Whether or not you are aware, it is important to realize that thousands of civilians wear a number of non-military medals and commemorative medals and go on Remembrance Day Parades – parading with Veterans – many Veterans who do not have a single medal to wear! Those on parade that never served a single day in the military in their life (adorned with non-military medals) are swarmed by our nation's children as if they were real Veterans and the real medal-less Veterans are ignored. This should be a national embarrassment and an eye-opener to the government of just how truly sad it is that our children do not know the difference between the men and women who have really served in our nation's armed forces and those that never volunteered to serve.

In all seriousness, as an elected Member of Parliament do you not believe it to be truly sad when non-Veterans are glorified by our youth and real Veterans that had the courage and conviction to volunteer to serve are ignored. One would think that the honourable thing to do, a thing of integrity and credibility would be to ensure that our Veterans were the ones that our nation's youth would come to know. For our youth to understand the meaning of joining and serving in Canada's Armed Forces, even if it was only for 5 or 10 years.

This commitment to give a portion of one's life in the service to their nation is something that most Canadians will never do, yet we have medal-adorned civilians every year parading with Veterans and it is important that our nation should seriously look at this situation in regards to medal-less Veterans verses those that never served adorned with many non-military medals! Is it their place to outshine our Veterans by wearing all their non-military medals while our real Veterans have nothing? Truly this is a shame and an ongoing national embarrassment! It needs to be corrected!

Veterans sing the National Anthem outside during a Super Annuity Protest at MP Mark Strahl's office in 2011. Below, MP Mark Strahl smiling (c) during a veteran's meeting November 26, 2017.

I trust that you will support the effort to create a volunteer service medal for all our Veterans and our Troops that volunteered and served or are serving in Canada's Armed Forces.

I respectfully ask you to please note that if you come back and tell me that the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) covers this, I will truly know that you do not understand the situation of our medal-less Veterans, those that in the past 71 years have done exactly the same things as their ancestors and those that served before them and were issued a volunteer service medal. Why our Veterans of yesterday should be treated any different than those that served before them.

Thousands of Veterans have served for 5 or more years some even 10 and 11 years and have not a single medal. Please do not tell me that service for 12 years equates to volunteerism and report that the CD . . . a long service medal for serving for 12 full years covers the courage and conviction to volunteer to serve. This is why our children do not know who our Veterans are! This is why millions of Canadians do not know who Canada’s Veterans are!

Some will also say that to honour our Veterans to volunteer to serve yet are unrecognizable on Veterans parades and events to honour our Veterans this way . . . with a volunteer medal is stolen valour. These medal-less Veterans have done what most have never done, so the proposed volunteer service medal is for volunteerism not valour so there is no manner of stolen valour! Where honour is stolen is by not acknowledging and honouring our nation's Veterans and we as a nation are woefully lacking to do so. Please consider what one of Canada's former senior Generals said, Lieutenant General (retired) Louis Cuppens said military volunteers are being taken for granted.

With the trust that you will be supportive for the creation of a volunteer service medal for our nation’s Veterans’.






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