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A quickie rundown of some of the 2018 election candidates



Willow Reichert is running for School District 33 trustee. (Voice photo July 2018)










rab the chips and pop. Here's a quickie rundown on the three city hall and one trustee candidates who conveniently popped their heads up at Party in the Park. Four serious candidates crammed in a small room instead of being out there having fun with the community. It was an odd allegiance but not a surprise. It seems they were playing off each other. Not unlike a "gang mentality."

Coun. Waddington ran the open house Friday. There were about 5 people and a two female cops when I was there. Has to be said that he avoided me despite the fact that 7 of his top 21 (1/3) photos on an image search are ones I took. Don't like me or independent media? Fine. But let's keep it professional. Another puzzling thing was that he was quoted recently saying that "If you look at the ways that voters can engage the public, there are few opportunities." What does that mean? Voters?

Another thing is I've never like the term "public" and try not to use it. I prefer the term "community." It's not in Waddington's vocabulary.

Then we have Louis De Jaeger. De Jaeger's been champing at the bit for awhile now. First he tried to get into fed politics and failed. Now municipal politics. So what's with this guy? "Anything, just give me anything."? Before he sold Bravo Restaurant it was cited by health authorities on numerous occasions. I tried to get the records but because the restaurant was sold I'd need an FOI. But I have looked at the records in the past. Again, many of his photos I took over the years. On Friday he didn't acknowledge my existence with even so much as a nod. You can always tell when someone doesn't like you. Well, he doesn't like me.

So far these guys are rank amateurish and don't belong on council. Let's keep it professional, boys. We don't like each other, but we have to put aside our differences.

Then we have Cam Hull. I've always liked Hull. Not because he remembered a Vancouver newspaper I published in the past, but because he's approachable. He's a veteran. Sincere and always says hi. He offered to meet with me anytime. "Just say the word," he said. We need to know where he's at on a few things. That won't happen until Sept.

It seems the candidate's "platforms" are redundant and it's unclear yet how these people plan to implement them. We'd like to know that.

Then we have school board trustee Willow Reichert. Condescending and somewhat standoffish but did allow me to take her photo. I only use smiling faces and not sourpuss ones. She comes across as a vigilante mom. If she was elected to the school board, it would take her a long time to settle in. But Reichert totally blew it when I mentioned I've spoken with Barry Neufeld over the SOGI thing. "Is Barry running again?" I asked. "I hope not." she replied. Let's keep it professional Reichert. You're out with the other two. Sorry.

I'll have more on the candidates over the next few months.



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