Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Removing Barriers to Employment

Strahl talks skills and training with Seabird Island youth

Released by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada


oday, Mark Strahl, MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, met with youth from Seabird Island who are receiving personalized support so that they can secure the skills training that will help them find a job and achieve the self-sufficiency that they deserve.

"Our Government firmly believes that First Nations should have the same opportunities as all Canadians to find, keep and enjoy the benefits of a good job. I am happy to have heard from the inspiring Seabird Island youth on how they are benefiting from the skills training program. Our Government is proud to see how this initiative is creating concrete results for Aboriginal people," said Mark Strahl, Paliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development and Member of Parliament for Chilliwack–Fraser Canyon.

In total, the Seabird Island Enhanced Service Delivery program currently has 95 affiliated youth undertaking Enhanced Service Delivery, which supports First Nations in identifying individuals' employment needs and establishes a plan to assist individuals in overcoming barriers to employment. The goal: connecting youth with jobs.

"Seabird Island Band believes in the success of our people and empowering our members to achieve independence. With help from Enhanced Service Delivery, our youth and young adults are achieving self-sufficiency through employment, reducing the dependency on income assistance and positively impacting our community," explained Chief Clem Seymour, Seabird Island Band.

On January 31, 2014, Minister Valcourt announced that nearly 4,000 First Nation youth from across Canada will participate in an effort to reduce reliance on Income Assistance by providing youth with access to a wider, more personalized, range of training, education and career counselling programs that will help them get jobs.

By investing in jobs and skills training for First Nation youth, the Government of Canada is taking concrete steps to help build more prosperous, self-sufficient First Nation communities.


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