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Health Canada guidelines exclude dairy as 'food group'


2019 Canada food guide stresses more vegetable diets.





Plant-based diets reduce the chance of strokes and diabetes

oday, Health Canada released its long-anticipated updated food guide, which favours plant-based foods and excludes dairy as a food group.

In the new guide, foods are grouped into three categories: fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and protein foods. “Choose protein foods that come from plants more often,” the new guide advises Canadians. “Plant-based protein foods can provide more fibre and less saturated fat than other types of protein foods. This can be beneficial for your heart health.”

Despite the agricultural industry’s lobbying against the scientifically supported draft, Health Canada published it, excluding food-industry-commissioned reports to reduce conflict of interest.

Milking at a Chilliwack dairy farm.


Mercy For Animals is pleased to see the revised Canada food guide promote an increase in fresh whole foods and a decrease in meat, eggs, and dairy products. Diets heavy in animal products not only are linked to certain cancers, heart disease, obesity, and other major diseases but increase the number of animals abused at factory farms.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation, Diabetes Canada, and Dietitians of Canada also recommend increased consumption of plant foods.

Mercy For Animals applauds Health Canada for modernizing the food guide to encourage Canadians to eat more plant-based protein, as well as fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains,” said Courtney Dobbin, special projects manager at Mercy For Animals in Canada. “Plant-based diets are correlated with reduced incidence of breast, cervical, and ovarian cancers; lower blood pressure and cholesterol; and lower rates of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. These recommendations will not only lead to better health outcomes for Canadians but mitigate the harmful effects of factory farming on our environment and animals.”


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