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One woman's battle and 'teaching life lessons' featured at the 2019 Wellness Show Feb 2-4


Bulimia sufferer Aeryon Ashlie before and after. She'll be speaking at the 2019 Wellness show February 2-4.





Eating Disorder Week highlights better living


o look at Greater Vancouver fitness coach, radio personality, book author and dynamic mom Aeryon Ashlie, one would never guess she has struggled all her life with an eating disorder like bulimia.


The once bullied individual, because of the way she looked, has now evolved into someone who could sign up for a running marathon and nobody would question whether or not she could finish the competition. Despite this, Ashlie admits she remains all-too-aware of the toll an eating disorder can take on someone’s mental and physical health.


“A learning moment for me was when my daughter was about three and we were on our own,” Ashlie recalls. “I was in the bathroom, I lifted the lid of the toilet and began to purge, then heard her little voice. I got up, saw my reflection in the mirror. I’d seen that reflection so many times, but this time that reflection caught me, and I thought, ‘This could be my daughter someday.’ If I don’t do something drastic, if I don’t change my behaviour.”


During Eating Disorder Awareness Week which runs in Canada February 1 to 7, she is even more pragmatic about her life lesson messaging which she will be sharing at the show.


“I want people to know they can take charge of their lives even when they are struggling with something as significant as an eating disorder,” says Ashlie. “By practicing mindfulness, we can become more deliberate and intentional in what we are eating, focusing on health, rather than substituting emotions for food.”


 A literary author whose personal story Bulimia to Balance ranked number one on Amazon the first week it was out and is still a sought-after book, Ashlie says her main message these days is compelling others to be mindful when they are eating and planning meals.


“My ultimate goal in life these days is to teach others how to connect to their bodies, listen and acknowledge their hunger cues, eat what and when they want and land in a place of sustainable health and wellness," says Ashlie.


Ashlie started her own line of personal health supplements that address everyday issues such as sleep deprivation, anxiety and adrenal fatigue - issues that often contribute to eating disorders and other common complications that can get in the way of achieving emotional and physical well-being. The products will be carried by various retailers and sold online.


To learn more about Ashlie, her bio, book and products visit, www.aeryonashlie.com.


Who: Aeryon Ashlie

What: 2019 Wellness Show

When: February 2-3

Where: The Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre


Find out when she is speaking go here.





• According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa

and Associated Disorders (ANAD), over 30 million people in

North America suffer from some kind of an eating disorder or

disordered eating.

ANAD also reports 13 per cent of women over the age of 50

routinely engage in eating disorder behaviours.

• The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) defines

eating disorders as a group of mental illnesses that affect the way

you feel about food and the way you feel about your body and


• The CMHA estimates about 90 per cent of people diagnosed

with anorexia and bulimia are women.

• Eating disorders typically start in teen years though they can

start earlier or later in life too.


About Aeryon Ashlie:

Holistic Health and Fitness Coach Aeryon Ashlie has been featured on CTV, Global and Shaw Television. She currently hosts a daily segment on a Vancouver radio station as a health and fitness expert. Ashlie has had the opportunity over the past six years to be a guest speaker at Women’s Shows and Health and Wellness Shows throughout Western Canada. In sharing her story, Ashlie leaves a space for others to reflect on their own journey. She resides in Greater Vancouver with her beautiful daughter and their prized poodles.




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