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Pushing Tin

Sale to assist Zambia Ride mission trips Jan 28

Bernie Constable 


A sampling of some of the tins  that'll be on sale January 28.


ions Club member Bernie Constable wants to go on a mission to Zambia in Africa and help that country. But to do it he needs money to do that.


On Sunday, January 28, Constable is holding a one-day tin collectors sale from 10 am - 4 pm at Tzeachten Hall, 45855
Promontory Road.

Zambia is smack dab in the middle of a clump of African countries:


Zambia has water, so that's kept them out of the water wars from neighbouring countries:  Botswana, Angola, Zimbabwe and the Congo.


Zambia continuously struggles to feed  one-third of the country's 13 million Zambia who live in poverty and scrambling to stay alive.



There's a continuous stream of African immigrants. It's projected the population will 40 million by 2050.


The country's main economic resource copper. When the price of copper goes down, Zambia goes down with it.


Constable wants to help.


If you've got antique, special and limited Edition tins  sitting around gathering dust you can bring it down to then hall and help.


It would be a big stretch, but if 25,000 of the 100,000 people living in Chilliwack each donated $1 that would fund the planned Zambia Ride missions.


For more information and to donate, contact Bernie Constable here.



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