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Website launched to connect local residents

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P. Hamilton 


yder Lake resident, Melanie Reuter, aims to help the community connect better via a new webpage  launched on behalf of the Ryder Lake Farmer's Institute.

"The purpose is threefold: to give residents, especially new ones, a place to find out about the idiosyncrasies and special things about living here," she said in an email last week. "We'll be sharing news, event, and helping to make people aware of the talented people we have living here so we can shop local and support each others' businesses.

There will be a special section for local businesses.

"This can be something in the trades, babysitting, snow removal, blueberries, your biz in town you own, painting, house or pet sitting, soaps, etc, explains Reuter. "It will be a publicly hosted website so emails and phone numbers etc. will be online."

If you live in Ryder Lake and own a business, or a service you would like to be mentioned, please email here.

Please forward the following information:

the name of the business or service
a ONE LINE description of the biz or service
address optional
your name
contact info such as phone, email etc.
website or Facebook page if you have one

The site can be found here - you may already be on it!

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