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Doing a Little House-Keeping

Metrotown tenants to protest and picket evictions, could it happen in Chilliwack?

Alliance Against Displacement


Metrotown Tenants plan more pickets and rallies against demovictions.

e continue to fight back against Mayor Corrigan’s plan to destroy and displace the entire renter-community in the Metrotown area. We’re kicking off the new year with two events to protect our homes and communities against mass demoviction.


Townhall discussion and planning session
Make a Peoples’ Plan to save our homes around Metrotown!

Rally and Protest

Wednesday, January 11, 6:30pm
Burnaby Neighbourhood House, 4460 Beresford, just south of the Metrotown Skytrain Station


On Wednesday January 11, the Stop Demovictions Burnaby Campaign will begin working on a Peoples’ Plan for Metrotown. The City of Burnaby’s plan was drawn up by City planners behind closed doors with the input only of condo-developer-friendly politicians. We are inviting the residents who will be affected by development plans to be the centre of planning that development; join independent planners to draft a Peoples’ Plan for Metrotown under a vision that welcomes refugees and new immigrants (as this community always has) while protecting and developing new affordable and non-market rental housing with the services and jobs we need.



Rally and Protest

Burnaby’s Metrotown Plan
Monday, January 16 at 5:30pm
Metrotown, Bob Prittie Library, 100 Willingdon Ave. (on the plaza side)


At a rezoning hearing in the fall, Mayor Corrigan claimed that Council has no choice but to plan the demolition of 3,000 units of rental apartments around Metrotown because of Metro Vancouver’s regional growth strategy. “There are 40,000 people coming into the Lower Mainland every year – where are they supposed to go?” he rhetorically posed. Corrigan’s story is that the new must replace the old, change is inevitable, and therefore current working class renters must be sacrificed for new, higher-income professional condo owners. But what if this didn’t have to be true?


At the end of November, Burnaby Council accepted a draft version of a new development plan for the Metrotown area that, if passed, will rezone and demolish more than 3,000 units of affordable rental apartments and replace them with condo towers that current residents cannot afford. Burnaby planners are now taking that mass-demoviction plan around for info-sessions before Council votes on a final version.

Burnaby Council and planners refer to their info sessions as a “consultation process” but they are only considering design and detail comments, not critiques of the “principles” of the plan. Participating in this fake consultation process will not stop the Metrotown mass-demoviction plan. Join us outside an official info-session to picket and protest the plan and demand an immediate moratorium on all rezoning and demovictions of rental apartment buildings in Burnaby.

Stop Demovictions Burnaby Campaign

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