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Full Contact Scrabble

Weekly wordsmiths looking for more local talent

Chilliwack Scrabble Club


Who says scrabble is boring? Team members always have a fun evening.


ur Scrabble Club has about 25 members and usually 15 or so attend each week. We sometimes find it difficult to find new players as people tend to be intimidated and they shouldn't be because we have players of all skill levels and we're always glad to have a new face.


We have some real beginners and also some fairly serious players who have done very well at some of the bigger tournaments. We Scrabbler's are sometimes considered to be a bit of a nerdy bunch, because some of us study word lists so that we know strange words like "ABOITEAU" which contains all of the vowels.


However some of us can barely spell our own name and that's okay too because the ultimate object of the club is to have a fun night out, no matter what your skill level.


We meet every Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. for three games. We start out with a random draw to determine your opponent and after that you will play someone close to your club ranking. We are currently playing at the Glad Tidings Fellowship executive meeting room 46641 Chilliwack Central Rd.


For more information, visit the club's website here.



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