Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017 



Battle Royale

Retirees still paying taxes, Brit vets get Military pension and gov't pensions

William Sinclair, MWO (Retired)


would like to thank you for your article in regards to the CPP Claw back from Military Pensions.


Like most veterans, I had my pension clawed back when I reached 65 years.


And you have heard from Mr Labelle in regards to this.

Like all of the veterans we didn't shy away from missions when told by the Federal Government that we were to go. The last being a heavy load on the Canadian Military, which was Afghanistan. As you know we lost over 155 young Canadians there. And now you are seeing veterans taking their own lives because of PTSD.

Our Canadian Government spends billions on other countries for the so called Climate Change or supporting Iran with money for schools (I don't believe that it is going there.) I could go on but I will not waste your time. To honest I doubt if this will ever be finished, it is as we all know a CASH COW FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

So in closing thank you again for your article.



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