Feature Story                                                             Thursday, January 12, 2016


Photos to Make You See

The greatest photos of Chilliwack you will ever see in your lifetime

Staff/Voice file photos



This photo is called Stó:lō salmon swallowing the moon. It was taken one night outside the longhouse with the small red light resembling an eye. Below, an osprey got its fish in Cultus Lake.

o you like looking at local photos? Tired of weird three-headed dogs on the internet? These photos are some of the ones that stood out over the last few years. Some are from 2016. The Voice has thousands of photos of Chilliwack people and things in the community banked.


Some of these photographs have been seen by regular Voice readers. Many from other parts of Canada and other countries, haven't. Those who've seen them, will likely be interested nevertheless. Many of the pics will evoke thoughts and emotions. Some people may even have memories of a certain event. As time goes by, I'll be sharing more photos with you.


Please keep in mind that just because I have cameras, it doesn't make me a photographer. I just take pictures. 


Because the police decided to go on digitally scrambled radios, without taking media into consideration, you won't ever be seeing photos like these again. I've done my best to depict all emergency personnel in the best possible light over the years. Ask any cop. Ask any firefighter. Ask any paramedic. Because they're everyday heroes, I just wanted to show you what they deal with daily in the community.


One more thing, most cities in the US give media radios. In Canada, Regina is the only city where the RCMP issue radios. Because of this loss of transparency, we've lost a big slice of our democracy and rights. Pictures don't lie, they speak for themselves.


Just so you know, none of these photos have been sold. Chilliwack can be proud the city has appeared in periodicals across Canada.


This is your Chilliwack, unfiltered. Okay, fasten your seatbelt... here goes.


Rollie Fox at Marathon-of-Hope 2012.


Daddy's alright. Semi rollover on Keith Wilson.


A semi leaves highway 1. It's always a miracle when people escape accidents like this where water is involved, 2011.


Chilliwack firefighter Capt. Mark Collins at Road Safety Day at Cottonwood Mall.


Shining History. Duncan Mackenzie and his 1948 panhead.



Time enough for love.


Someone's life. August 2016.


Myles Mitchell Special Olympics torch relay. His mom, a local pottery artist, is in the red behind him.


The crowd at Party in the Park in Chilliwack with locally grown corn.


The tragic Mary Street apartment fire in 2015. Thankfully, no one was injured. It was later identified as arson.


A mother looks forlorn and shocked as her home goes up in flames. Her young son watches in wide-eyed wonderment.


A dog flies through the air going for a ball that was pitched into the pool at K9 Starlight Aquatic Dog Centre in the summer of 2015.


Another moment at Starlight summer, 2015.


Bored. Chilliwack Fire Hydro Substation, Jan 26, 2012.


The Chunnel. A woman's silhouette in the Charles St. pedestrian tunnel.


A driver is only slightly battered but his ride isn't so lucky, 2016.


Birds of a feather don't necessarily flock together. A crow wanders around gulls at the end of a Cultus Lake dock, 2012.


This gent doesn't seem to like his photo taken.


A photo of Valdy taken from behind as he sings to the crowd at the Christmas Train in Agassiz in 2011.


Three firefighters at Feedpro call. These types of grain elevator silo blazes are very dangerous because explosions can occur from the fine dust in the air. August, 2016.


A Full Hunters Moon, October 2013.


Moon over Mill Street. One of many on The Voice.


A boy and his dog break rank. 147 Air Wolf Squadron cadet.


A woman lies on the ground while a man suspected of assault looks at the camera. Sadly, a distraught young boy was in the truck cab watching it all.


 A young girl tries to catch a bubble at the Yarrow parade, 2014.


Mounties in search of a suspect, cautiously enter a building downtown.


Talented twins at Party in the Park.



An injured man is attended to by BCAS parpamedics at the 14-car pile-up on the Trans Canada at the Vedder Canal.


A very cool mom.


A gun suspect being arrested by ERT.


Well, dad's daughter is having fun. Winter Carnival, Dec 2012.


A man appears uninjured after his car rolled on Chilliwack River Rd.


A popular jail tattoo. Photo taken at Salish Park. June 25, 2010.


Which way did he go? Party in the Park 2016.


Cst. Sabulski is good at his job and much-loved in the community. Here's one for his mom.


Smile, I'm on Candid Camera.


In good hands.


Mark Thompson, Chilliwack cowboy at the local annual fair.


Am I really a bad boy?


Jonah Kassel demonstrates his talent on Mill Street at Wellington.




A youngster with flowers for mom he potted at Party in the Park.


An arrest in Chilliwack in November, 2013.


Young and old. A senior in the candy store on Wellington.


RCMP ERT moves in on a house on Wellington Ave.

A biker rolls by the Chilliwack Fire Hall No. 1 on a prostrate cancer fundraiser ride.


Firefighters deal with a blaze on Fourth Ave. Friday, July 4, 2014.


Scott Wallace, the strongest man in BC, pulls a truck

at Party in the Park. August 2014.



A pair of suspects are taken down by RCMP ERT. February 2015.


Chilliwack Polar Bear Swim at Cultus Lake in 2013.


Police wrap up an arrest on Princess Ave. Mounties have come a long way since the days of horses and 25 calibre revolvers.


True friends at Party in the Park.


Cops teamwork search.


Emergency Response team.


Free Mark Emery protest at Five Corners at 4:20pm



Someone at Party in the Park takes partying seriously, July 4, 2014.


A Harvest Moon September 2016.


A hitchhiker at the Young Rd on-ramp leaves Chilliwack heading back to New Westminster.


Chilliwack firefighters cut through a steel door.


A woman under arrest wears a spit hood as she's whisked into CGH.



How to stand out in a crowd at Party in the Park.


The best muffin in the whole world.


Getting into it at Party in the Park.


A woman folds over in anguish is comforted by friends after learning her brother was shot and killed on Princess Ave.


Guess who? Harold Zinke, Chilliwack's much-loved God of Garbage.


A woman despairs on Patten Ave.


A local Chilliwack cowboy in a Yarrow parade.


The driver of a car that crashed at Cook St.

and Victoria Ave. holds his injured friend.


Chilliwack firefighter marches in respect to the loss of Chilliwack firefighter, Bryan Smith who died of a heart attack while on duty.


A Chilliwack firefighter rescues a small dog from a home that had a fire. Check one of the new dollar coins this year and you'll see one with a very similar scene.


A suspect gives The Voice a photo op.


Fourth Ave fire.


Mr. King with his catch on the Vedder River.


A murder suspect is arrested on Young Rd.


A motorcycle slams into a pickup on Hodgins Ave, Oct. 2016.


Kids riding a float in a Yarrow parade get to throw out candy to other kids.


Chief in his colours at Canada Day 2016.


Fighters stare each other down before an MMA scrap.


A young MMA fighter gets advice from his coach between rounds.


An MMA fighter climbs into the ring looking like he can't wait to get on with it.


In full dress in memory of Bryan Smith.


Marching in memory of Brian Smyth.


A man who robbed a corner store was tracked down and taken

into custody. They stood there like that for 10 minutes with the cop smiling. It's a psychological things cops do.


Arrested and unhappy about being photographed.


Faber Drive lead singer at Party in the Park.


There's nothing easy about being a firefighter.



Donovan Booth owner Vegas Billiards on Yale Rd.


Thankfully, the driver escaped with his life.


A woman despairs after a loss.


Gender is no barrier when it comes to fighting fires.


A retro look with a modern twist.


ERT on the move.


High power. Ouch.


A hang glider lands at Bridal Falls.


Fire at the transformer.


Girl with grandpa on Canada Day


Chilliwack cadet.


Thanks for sharing.