Tuesday, January 12, 2015

Pipeline News

Will it Really Matter?  

BC Gov't NEB Submission Just Lip Service

Sven Biggs, Forest Ethics Advocacy


oday the Province of British Columbia announced its opposition the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline in its submission to the National Energy Board.


The BC government created a simple test that Kinder Morgan simply fails. The five conditions the Texas oil company must meet before BC will approve the Trans Mountain pipeline proposal are critical for protecting public safety, the health of Vancouver citizens, the rights of First Nations, and whale and other marine species. Despite the possible rubberstamp from the Harper NEB, the project canít meet any of the five.

Kinder Morgan has a dismal record of crude oil pipeline spills and failure to clean up. But the recent US National Academy of Sciences study proves that no one can clean up tar sands in the environment.

The Trans Mountain project isnít going to overcome the technical hurdle of keeping heavy toxic tar sands out of the environment. Itís not going to overcome the opposition of First Nations and itís not going to overcome the opposition of the thousands of citizens who fought Kinder Morgan on Burnaby Mountain. The list of local governments opposing the project continues to grow and opposition to this dangerous, unnecessary pipeline will only grow stronger until this proposal is rejected once and for all.


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