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Welcome Wagon Still Unwelcome

Chilliwack General Hospital says no to first baby visit
Voice staff, file photo


Carol Vance (bottom right) and representatives from Welcome Wagon were denied the ability to give the New Year's baby mom gifts. Below, baby Chloe was Chilliwack's first baby of 2015.

elcome Wagon's Carol Vance, told The Voice on Thursday that this year, the 'New Years Mom' presentation at Chilliwack General Hospital (CGH) has been nixed.

Each year, local businesses donate gifts a new mom can use and the Welcome Wagon ladies make a presentation at CGH. This year, they're not even allowed into the hospital.

"We do not have permission from the hospital to present the gifts to the new mom, so it has been cancelled completely," she said. "We still do home visits at the birth of their baby, just don't have the extra gifts for the first New Years Mom."

Welcome Wagon has been doing this since 1930, and although they've had a problem in the past with CGH admin, it's never been to the extent that they've had to cancel the first baby gift presentation. Sounds ridiculous, no? Many in the community feel CGH should change that policy.

Last year, The Voice made inquiries with Fraser Health and received a response from Ken Donohue.

"Just to follow up on this. Our site leaders don't have any records of a refused visit, and will follow up with Carol to get some more information. I will let you know if I hear anything more on this," said Donohue at that time.

For more information about Welcome Wagon and to register for events such as the Bridal Shower or Bridal Fair, visit www.welcomewagon.ca


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